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Award-Winning Pizza
Pomodorino, meaning cherry tomato, is based off our tradition as any tomato is the king ingredient in Italian cooking. Its colour, perfume and taste comes from sunshine! We are passionate about what we serve at Pomodorino
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Award-Winning Pizza & Pasta. Made the same way since 1889.

A Pomodorino pizza isn’t just an “authentic” pizza. It’s about experiencing life in Italy with every bite. 

The canals in Venice, the rolling hills of the Tuscan wine lands, the cobbled streets streets of Rome … and beyond..

Why have our pizzas received thousands of 5 star reviews? Why have they been described as works of edible art? And why did that one raving fan call his first bite “the highest throes of ecstasy known to man”?


Is it because we get our pick of the freshest ingredients each morning, directly from our network of local farmers? Is it the 131 year old recipes we brought back from apprenticing with our grandmothers in Italy? Is it the secret sauce we slow cook for at least 4 hours overnight? 


We can’t give away all of our culinary secrets, but we can tell you about this one. All our pizzas are wood fired! 


Five reasons you should insist on a woodfired pizza


Wood-fired ovens can get as hot as 400 degrees celsius. Only in an oven this hot can you get:

That dense, “smoky” flavor

A tantalizing feel of aristocracy with each bite. A long lost memory of deep green rolling hills every time your tongue hits the toppings. It’s the aroma from our specially seasoned kiln dried woods and the way we mix birch, maple and olive wood

Those fresh, crunchy toppings

that explode in an avalanche of taste all over your tongue. Even heat distribution, plus faster cooking means toppings can retain freshness and not be dried to a crisp

Fast Delivery Service

Your pizza cooked to perfection, from the kitchen to your table in 10 minutes or less

The hot bubbling cheese

Quick cooking means the cheese melts without burning or making the dough soggy. And speaking of dough

That fluffy golden crust

puffy and chewy up top, crunchy and slightly charred on the bottom.



We are delighted the restaurant is back open for collections 😍🍕 amazing pizza + tiramisu + pasta & service, lovely family & swords is so lucky so have such incredible Italian food. We love it & cannot recommend it enough.


An absolute gem! Delighted we found and tried this cosy Italian restaurant! Friendly and nice service! food far above our expectations! For starters ordered small platter with ham, cheese, olives and sun-dried tomatoes, for main ones had pasta with salmon and ravioli with beef and it was simply delicious! Deserts were as delicious as every other food we had there! Even Orange juice was from Italy! Restaurant big enough for special occasions! Will definitely come back to try out other dishes!


Very friendly and welcoming with a laid back atmosphere. Tony the owner was a gent and very attentive, as was the lady(another owner I think)who greeted me and the waitress who served us. The pizzas were absolutely delicious, my Italian friend recommended this place and I'm glad she did. This was my first visit...first of many as love the place ;-)

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To say Italian food is in our blood would not be an exaggeration.

Our grandparents were farmers in the old country. Delectable, nutritious food was their lifework. 

When our parents came to Ireland they went straight into the food industry, where they spent their entire lives. To them, there was no higher calling imaginable.


We were both born here in Ireland. And we both learned to cook at an early age, during summers apprenticing with our grandparents in Italy.

Bread and cakes, baked in a decade old wood-fired oven. Grain from the local mill, freshly ground. 

Pizza garnished with garden grown tomatoes and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil from the neighboring  Frosinone village.


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