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That’s why we launched Pomodorino - Sword’s very own authentic Italian restaurant - so you can have the same lively and passionate dinner table experience we grew up with.

We only use ingredients grown the traditional way, and certified by the Italian government. All our meat and vegetables are DOP certified. And our wines have IGP certifications. 

Does our food tastes different from what you get at other Italian restaurants? It’s because you’re getting food and wine that tastes exactly as it should.


There’s also more to an Italian fine dining than checkered tablecloths and wine bottles covered  in candle wax. 

Our staff are trained to give you a leisurely dining experience. After all, you’re paying for a dinner out, not a drive-through. 

Yes, service can be slower than the local McDonalds, but that’s because you’re honored guests in our dining room, not customers to be billed as fast as possible. In Italy, hospitality comes first, and it would be sacrilege to rush a customer through a meal.

No, we don’t have a children’s menu. In Italy there’s no such thing as “adult” food and “kids” food - everyone eats “food” food. 

We’re happy to accommodate small or discerning children (so just ask), but most Italian food is very kid friendly already.

We also find it also makes for a better family friendly experience. Don’t be surprised to see young children still lingering while you enjoy your after-dinner drink as the candle burns low. 


Not to brag, but are proud of being voted into the top 3 in TripAdvisor’s top Italian Restaurants in the 2020 Traveler’s Choice awards.

Calamari ripieni 5 copy.jpg

We are delighted the restaurant is back open for collections 😍🍕 amazing pizza + tiramisu + pasta & service, lovely family & swords is so lucky so have such incredible Italian food. We love it & cannot recommend it enough.

Very friendly and welcoming with a laid back atmosphere. Tony the owner was a gent and very attentive, as was the lady(another owner I think)who greeted me and the waitress who served us. The pizzas were absolutely delicious, my Italian friend recommended this place and I'm glad she did. This was my first visit...first of many as love the place ;-)

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