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Celebrating the Italian love for food and family, here in Swords, Dublin

We wanted everyone to experience the same magic we grew up with. The sensations. The emotions. The nostalgia. The flavours. The perfumes.

Italians are great at taking something simple . . . and complicating it with extra steps, rules, and variations. Bad for bureaucracy, great for pasta.

And being foodies in a long line of foodies, we felt getting acquainted with Italian culture is best done at the dinner table, not the post office. 

We tried every Italian dish in every Italian restaurant in Swords. And while we marvelled at the ingenuity and resourcefulness of our city’s chefs - the food just wasn't what we were used to. 

This isn’t a criticism - just an observation. Great food is as much the ingredients as the chef’s skill after all. And there’s a limit to how much Italy you can squeeze out of local meat from  Tesco.

If you wanted to taste authentic Italian in Ireland - a trained chef isn’t enough. You also need original Italian ingredients. 

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